About Us

HB has been distributing beautiful shoes since 1964, although over the years the factories we have selected for making individual styles may have changed, the artisan nature of our design and manufacturing has never altered. Your enjoyment of any of our shoes is of paramount importance, so if you are unhappy with any product from our collections then please let us know and allow us to try to make things right. Shoes are very personal and really need to be tried on; the design, cut, material, shape all affect fitting, so it's quite normal to find a 4 fits in one style whereas you may need a 4.5 or 5 in another - but getting the right fit is so important for your comfort, foot health and enjoyment of your shoes. HB and our associated brands have been bringing smiles to faces for over 50 years; so please take your time to browse our collections and find something unique for you.